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Sleepy Animal Company


Inspiring design that kids love
Photo Wallpaper Mural of a sleepy animal company that will transform any children's room into a dreamy fairytale. Besides creating a stunning visual effect and transforming the room into a sleepy zoo full of lovely wild animals, this wallpaper also features a tactile, soft texture and absorbs sound better than you regular wall. Choose this Wallpaper for your kiddos room project if you strive for a moody, charming fairytale experience.

Easy to set up
Mural Wallpapers consist of multiple stripes that join together to create a stunning feature wall. Installation is quick and easy and no special tools are required. The installation is carried out using basic wallpaper paste.

Depending on the wall area you'd like to cover, just measure the width & height and find the corresponding dimension below.

Kid, Pet & Environmental Friendly
Non-woven wallpaper is better for your kiddo and the environment since no vinyl is used to produce it, and therefore making the manufacturing process for non-woven wallpapers overall significantly lower on the carbon footprint.

The production of such wallpapers is carried out using recycled paper and water-based inks that are odorless, safe and therefore suitable for kids rooms.

Ordering & Installation
To order this wallpaper, simply select the measure that fits your wall (measures are displayed as width x height in centimeters) and follow the checkout process. Installation instructions are provided with the wallpaper. If you're still unsure about choosing the right wallpaper or measurements, make sure to check out our How to guide.